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About Us

About Radio BeatZ

Radio BeatZ is a 24/7 International Cyber Radio Station run from Bangladesh. It is the first international standard

online radio of the country. Every day we broadcast quality live & pre-recorded shows. Our each showgets tremendous

listeners both nationally & internationally. Each day a remarkable figure of unique listeners tune into Radio BeatZ.

Radio BeatZ is truly an international online radio having presenters & DJs from countries around the world. Our

current line-up contains presenters from Bangladesh, USA, UK, Spain, Africa and Greece. Radio BeatZ broadcasts the

award winning talk show “Europe Calling” hosted by the famous Spanish presenter Vince Tracy (former presenter of

BBC Radio). The goal of Radio BeatZ is to introduce Bangladesh to the outside world in the highest prestige & to make

a mutual relationship between our national & international listeners which will help to share their enriched life &

cultural heritage between each other. We also try our best to reach our countrymen living abroad as a small piece of


Radio BeatZ was first launched in August 2011. Up until now a huge number of unique listeners have tuned into our

station. Radio BeatZ possesses the following unique prospective: 1) The server of Radio BeatZ is run by powerful

Icecast server (the only radio using it in Bangladesh) which is monitored 24/7 by a famous server hosting company of

USA which ensures 100% server uptime reliability. 2) Radio BeatZ is available in all major mobile platforms including

Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and so on. 3) Radio BeatZ has special hotline numbers by which listeners from

from USA:716-748-0268, UK:44-78-7440-0397 & AUSTRALIA:61-3-8672-0104 can hear the Radio for free dialing

the number from their mobile phone & landline. 4) Radio BeatZ is hosted in the Tunein directory, the largest radio

directory of the world. These aspects have made Radio BeatZ unique from all the other online radios currently

operating in Bangladesh.

In March 2013 Radio BeatZ started it's "Global Listeners Relationship Building Programme". This programme helps in 
connecting presenters & listeners from all around the world through a single platform. The programme also enables 
our Bangladeshi & foreign listeners to share their social & cultural thoughts as well as to build a mutual relationship & 
friendship between them. Radio BeatZ Ltd. was declared a non-profit organization in January 2014.   


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