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 Profile of Our Staff At Radio BeatZ

Nazif Hussain

Station Manager

Nazif Hussain aka Amio was born in 16 August, 1991. He lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Nazif completed his S.S.C & H.S.C from Dhaka Residential Model College. At present,

he is studying Medical Science at Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College.

Nazif started at Radio Xclusive on part time before working for the Mateors at Radio Utsob.

He also made an appearance on Mecanix Entertainment. He has worked on Radio One, London

and been heard all over the world on Internet radio as he syndicates his pre-recorded

shows to several countries. He worked as a Station Manager at the Airwaves Radio for 1 year

before they closed their Asian Section.

After working at all these stations & gathering huge experience on National & International

online radio broadcasting, Nazif founded his own online radio station & that is Radio BeatZ. With in

a few months, Radio BeatZ gained huge popularity both in Bangladesh & abroad. At Present,

Radio BeatZ is the only International live 24/7 online radio station of Bangladesh run by strong

Icecast Server. Radio BeatZ has received more than 25,000 listeners in the past 2 years.

Radio BeatZ is truely an International Radio having presenters & DJs from Bangladesh, India, U.S.A,

England, Spain, Greece & Canada. At present, Nazif Mahbub is working as the

Chief Executive Officer & Station Manager of Radio BeatZ- .

Besides management, Nazif also presents show on Radio BeatZ as a part time basis. He

also likes Photography, Wresting, Swimming, gossiping with friends & making new friends.

Music & Radio is Nazif's passion. And thats what keeping him going on in the compitative radio Industry.



Vince Tracy

Europe Calling

"My influences come from Radio Luxembourg, Radio Caroline, BBC local 

Radio and such great entertainers as Tommy Cooper, Morecambe and Wise, 

The Two Ronnies and Ken Dodd.  Favourite DJs include Jimmy Young, Steve 

Wright, Jimmy Saville, Gene Weed and Dave Allen  My own show is 

dedicated to constant improvement but will not be changed just for the sake 

of change." 

Vince started at Clatterbridge Hospital Radio on Wirral before working 

for the BBC at Radio Merseyside. He also made an appearance on 

Radio 1. He has worked on radio in Brittany, France and been heard all 

over the world on Internet radio as he syndicates his podcasts to 

several countries. He worked for the Spanish national broadcaster 

Onda Cero for 8 years before the company closed their international 

branch.  Vince had started podcasting about this time.

Guests on his show range from pop legends Chubby Checker and 

Brenda Lee to Sir Henry Cooper and Sir Stirling Moss. Politicians, Pop 

Stars and Sports stars can be found in abundance on Vince´s podcasts.


DJ Candee

The Candee Show

DJ Candee
Dj Candee is the self-proclaimed Queen of the Souf. Music, gossip, news,

and need to knows are all a part of what makes her show an experience.

Coming from a musical family in the Gate City, Greensboro, North Carolina;

Dj Candee showcases mainstream and underground talents. A mix of gems

 you need to hear and those you haven’t heard in a while.


DJ Brady McQuaid

Hits On Demand

Hi, my name is Brady McQuaid and I’m 18 years old. I’m from PEI, Canada,

and have been in the radio industry for about a year. You will hear a

good mix of all different genres during my shows. I enjoy listening to

music, playing sports, and hanging out with my friends.


DJ Tek

Raise The Roof

DJ Tek

Straight out of West-Africa Nigeria hails Michael Uzoka (also known as Dj TEK or Teki as friends call him)

Lover of good music, although it didn’t show till his 2nd year when he started playing the keyboard.

Being a very creative student, DjTEK spent most of his time listening to all kinds of music while

studying and it didn’t take him long to start making music instead of just listening to it.

In that same year, DjTEK set up a mini recording studio where he produces for himself and

a few selected upcoming acts, earning himself various awards from the Students’ Union Government and

faculties/departments. Later that year, the super producer/songwriter/performing artist (Teki)

turns the table around to embrace the turntables, starting off his DeeJay carrier. Not being able

to make a living out of it yet, he starts to work part-time in bars and catering. He also plays for various clubs and

other DJ-gigs for the love of deejaying.Respected by his colleague DJ’s for his numerous skills/talents and

loved by clubbers for his dancefloor bombs and energetic performances,

Michael DjTEK Uzoka sets a new standard in the industry and is here to stay

ff on twitter @djtekuzoka, Michael DjTEK Uzoka on facebook



The Cyber Music lover

The Cyber Music Lover Show

The Cyber Music Lover

Straight Back in 2008, I used to be very popular in the Music Scene especially in a Music Squabbling

Web Site very much like Last.FM but in my opinion much better! I went under the Unsername: Acirema1973 on The Web Site at this time had so much progress still to make at the time and as I look

back from time to time I see they had come a long way. This was once my Profile on the Web Site: Now, looking back I can honestly tell you that it was my old profile which

had saved this Site from closing because at the time they were new and I had problems so bad with my

ability to squabble my music to their Web Site onto my profile though it had well into the thousands of my personal

collection of music from every possible genre imaginable. So, long story, short, I finally gave up even

after their attempts to do all they could do to help me to get their Software to work with my Music Squabbler.

In the end, I decided to leave their Web Site and an agreement was made between me and the Company

Supervisor to keep my Profile open to never close it and allow for my Profile to be seen to Google Searcher

and promote their Company since my Profile had the largest variety of Music from all over the world.

Heck, they had even offered to pay me for every user signing up from the link to my Profile's Playlist.

I declined because I told them to simply accept my Profile and the massive Playlists as my personal gift and

contribution as a Thank you for busting their asses to try to make this Web Site work for me. I gave up my

Rights to the Username: Acirema1973 that night. Which is good because shortly after the 24, October, 2008

Agreement to disown my rights to Acirema1973 and pass it onto Maestro.FM I because an Internet Radio Disc

Jockey for Three years. So today, I no longer am a Disc Jockey due to online dramatic events which had

caused me to give it all up. I now do my Music here on because I love music and as I had told the

owners of Maestro.FM: It is not about the Money for my Profile...It has everything to do with "THE MUSIC."

Therefore, I am glad I am here. I am proud of for their success too. I will never ask for

my Profile back though they are leaving me with the option. It is their's not mine as I told them I will never

take back my Acirema1973 because it is my contributional Gift to them. I am a good person and I proved it that day on

October 24, 2008. With this in mind...Please check out my Playlist on my Profile as well as what

I had I think "Musically" listeners will be satisfied either way. I became "The Cyber Music Lover"

shortly after leaving Maestro for Last.FM and eventually here. I was hired at till the drama

started and eventually I found my way here. I will always remain as "The Cyber Music Lover" no matter where

I am on the Internet. However, I owe my deepest gratitude's to those at for where I am at today!"


DJ Drew

Drew Radio Show

DJ Drew

My Name is Andrew stage name Dj Drew. I'm from mustang Oklahoma.

When I graduate high school I plan to go to college and major . I'm broadcasting then Dj for

my favorite local radiostaion here in oklahoma.